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By day, Tanya helps her clients create meaningful connections with their target audience through her modern and elegant website designs. Utilizing her passion for the written word, she crafts entertaining and informative articles on finance, food and health and beauty as a freelance writer. By night, she is a blogger, consumer of too much TV and an overindulgent Cat Mama to Max. To be fair, she spoils Max 24/7.


  1. Tanya, I love any type of fondue but specifically a chocolate one. And the combination of strawberries and chocolate is decadent. My husband and I use to do fondues just for the two of us on New Years Eve. We have 3 different pots. One for hot oil, one for cheese and one for chocolate.

    I love all the things that you add to your chocolate mix. I am definitely going to try that. All I ever did was melt dark chocolate. Pretty lazy of me, eh. My husband will love the idea of adding in Baileys too.

    Have a great Valentine’s Day!

    • I’m with you 100%! I love chocolate and cheese fondues. So yummy! I like you how you and your husband celebrate New Year’s Eve! I think your husband will enjoy this and it only takes a few seconds more to add the extra ingredients.

    • Thanks, Maggie! It so simple, which really makes it a nice dessert. I also like to add a couple spoonfuls to my iced coffee in the morning. The possibilities are limitless! 🙂

  2. OMG the first time I had fondue was at Melting Pot in Darien CT. BANANAS! I love chocolate and strawberries. Put them together LOL Danny bought me some champagne and I think we’ll use it for Vday since we didn’t for NYE. This recipe is right ON time! YAY

    • Melting Pot was the first place I had fondue too and it was love at first bite! So, so good! Chocolate and strawberries pair so well. I am always a huge fan of dipping brownies and pound cake in chocolate fondue too. Oh, let’s face it—pretty much everything tastes delicious dipped in chocolate. This fondue is super simple to make and will be perfect for Valentine’s Day and a nice glass (or two) of champagne. 😉


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