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By day, Tanya helps her clients create meaningful connections with their target audience through her modern and elegant website designs. Utilizing her passion for the written word, she crafts entertaining and informative articles on finance, food and health and beauty as a freelance writer. By night, she is a blogger, consumer of too much TV and an overindulgent Cat Mama to Max. To be fair, she spoils Max 24/7.


  1. Just like you, breakfast is my favorite meal of the day as well. I love eggs, bacon, sausage, and esp eggs benny.

    Your recipe looks simple and delicious. I made a few of these early this year and you are right, they reheat nicely. I would put half in the freezer too so that we didn’t need to eat it everyday.

    Thanks so much for being a contributor on my blog this week. Love your post!

    • Thank you for letting me be a contributor at Tacking Our Debt! I never thought about freezing a portion. What a great idea! I love eggs benny too, although it’s been awhile since I’ve enjoyed that particular dish. I’m going to have to plan a meal at one of my favorite breakfast restaurants. Their eggs benny are fabulous and I like them “California” style, which is bacon, avocado and poached egg. So yummy!

    • Oh, you’ll love this dish then. It’s super tasty and easy to make so it’s a win-win in my book. I’m sorry to hear you are wheat intolerant, as I’m a bread and posta fiend. 🙂

  2. This looks delicious, Tanya, but I’m not sure I could face it for breakfast – I’m a muesli, fruit and yoghurt fan first thing in the morning. Maybe for tea, though….

    • Honestly, I’m more of a yogurt and fruit or smoothie kind of girl for breakfast too. 🙂 Except on the weekends, then I like to go all out. For me, this was perfect for lunch. Took just a few minutes to make than I had lunch for the rest of week, which was so nice! Now with tea, I’d need a nice scone! 🙂

  3. This recipe looks yummy. Until recently I would skip breakfast but lately I’ve been doing my best start my day with a good breakfast. I’m going to have to try this on the fam.

    Thanks for sharing! Hope you’re having a great weekend!

    • There was brief period where I didn’t need breakfast but I’ve always needed my morning fuel. Otherwise I get goofy or cranky! This is a nice, easy breakfast or lunch, which I appreciate. I definitely prefer to keep things simple during the week!

  4. I hear you about boring sandwich lunches! Or in my case, how sad, eating my kids’ Annie’s canned spaghettios that they pack in their school lunches! This sounds yummy and definitely something I’d like. Is it really that simple to make?

    • Yes, it’s truly simple and easy to make. The part that took the longest was grating the zucchini, which only took a few minutes. Otherwise, it’s just putting all the ingredients into bowl and mixing it together. I think it took 10 minutes to make! My Mom occasionally made my Dad spaghettios to take to work for lunch and I used to love to eat the leftovers for breakfast. What can I say – I love carbs!

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