Things That Drive Me Nuts

things that drive me nuts

Okay, I’m still not 100% back to normal, but I do feel less like one of the walking dead. Wait … make that coughing dead. Colds suck. While nobody probably enjoys getting sick, I feel extra cranky as I already had a cold this year. GRRRRR.

As Max meowed on Monday, he has been taking good care of me. He’s a great snuggler, plus he is less fussy about when he eats. Emeril didn’t consider being sick a valid reason for a late meal. Max is less vocal about any frustration he might feel. Of course, he just gets into mischief instead. :)

Since I’m in a weird, goofy mood (thanks NyQuil), I thought I’d share all (okay, maybe not ALL) the things that drive me nuts. Or into a bowl of mashed potatoes. Yeah, you were expecting ice cream, but I’m weird. Or potentially hungover from NyQuil. Is that even possible?

Want to Drive Tanya Nuts? Then Do This!

  1. Force people on a tablet to view your website in mobile mode, especially if you’re using the Onswipe plugin. I HATE on OnSwipe.
  2. Make me buy 18 cans/jars/bottles … whatever … to get the sale price.
  3. Split one season into two parts. Ahem. Breaking Bad (although I miss you desperately), Walking Dead, etc.
  4. Ignore your kids while they run wildly through a restaurant.
  5. Go from beautiful 60+ degree temperatures to almost 90 degrees overnight.
  6. Gain weight=easy; lose weight=hard. NOT FAIR!
  7. Only have one lane open while employees stand around gossiping.
  8. When one night there is nothing is one TV, but the next night 5 good shows are on.
  9. You forget to take your grocery list with you to the store and remember everything but one important ingredient.

Okay, I guess that’s not a horribly long list. But those are the things that come top of mind. Oh wait. I thought of a few more. When I want to play with MaxE and he just wants to sleep. Or I want to snuggle with Max and he just wants to play. Thank goodness I love that kitty. :)

And finally, it really drives me nuts when I get two colds in one year!

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  1. says

    Glad you are at least starting to feel better, Tanya. I can totally identify with #6, although I’m finally getting to the place where I’ve accepted that and am doing something about it. :-) I’ve been sugar free for a week as of today, and I’m just now starting to get over my cravings. Not fun.

    • Tanya says

      Wow – sugar free for six days! I don’t know if I could do it. I have an addiction to diet coke. I only drink one can a day but I LOVE that one can. After Christmas, I do try to do a little sugar detox because I am on such a sugar high from all the treats. :) It is hard to get over those darn cravings.

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