I Am a Survivor

I will survive

I’m staring at the calendar and I can’t believe that we are just a few days away from May. MAY!! How did this happen? I swear it was just yesterday that I was freezing my tuckus off in Minnesota to celebrate Christmas. Now it’s almost May … what have I accomplished?

I started with the simple (so not true) goal of getting healthy. I wanted to eat better and start moving my body. And it has been both a win and a loss. I have definitely made some improvements, which makes me proud and happy, but I’ve slipped a bit these past few weeks, which makes me sad.

You know the routine. You get busy. So you snack (or is this just me?) and don’t pay as much attention to what you put into your body. Pringles are on sale for $1.25, so you buy a can while congratulating yourself for being so darn thrifty. They taste so yummy and feel so temporarily good until you realize that you ate the whole damn container in an afternoon. Crap!!

The good news is that I haven’t regained any weight. This probably only happened because I had a nasty cold, so there were a couple weeks where I wasn’t eating too much either, which made up for the all the junk I did eat. So …. yeah, cold?!?!

But I’m not going to beat myself up. I’m not going to play the victim. I’m not going to give-up. Nope. I’m just going to dust myself off and try again. I am a survivor.

I knew when I set this goal that it wouldn’t be a piece of cake (I’d love a piece of chocolate cake right now. Why can’t celery taste as delicious?) and that I would slip up. In fact, I anticipated slipping up lots and lots and LOTS of times given my love of food and history of failed diets. Normally, I would use those slip-ups as another excuse to quit while patting myself on the back for at least attempting to get healthy.

I am no longer willing to lie to myself.

I will slip up. Some days I will eat the whole container of Pringles. But I also won’t quit when that happens nor make excuses and try to justify my mistake. Accept and move on. Rinse and repeat. Life isn’t one constant victory (I wish) and we can decide whether to quit or keep going when we make mistakes. The last song I played on my radio show in college was “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor. And it’s true. I am survivor. I don’t quit.

I choose to survive and thrive.


    • Tanya says

      Yeah! I love it when I can help people stay motivated! :) And amen to keepin’ on! I remind myself of that every day.

  1. says

    Life always gets in the way of my diet routine too, but you are right, we can’t let that stop us. :-)

    BTW, we have a couple of containers of Pringles that we bought on sale for 50cents a can when our Liquidation World was closing in January. They are still good. Shall I ship you a few cans???? lol

    • Tanya says

      I’m glad it doesn’t just happen to me! I go through periods where I am so on top of it and then BAM! I’m suddenly stuffing my face with everything and overeating, which is my biggest issue. Oh man, thank GOD that Pringles were only on sale for $1.25. If they had been 50 cents I’d have bought more and ate more. I really like the cheese flavored ones. They would make an excellent late afternoon snack, but thankfully I am too lazy to walk to store for them.

  2. says

    UGH. I kid you not, I finished off a bag of Cheetos as I was reading this post. Like you I won’t quit though, I have a wedding dress to fit into in one years time! 😛

    • Tanya says

      Ah, Cheetos. Another one of my guilty pleasures. So tasty and I get sucked in by that sly kitty they use in their commercials. :) It truly is unfair that yummy things has to be full of fat and calories. Oh, a wedding is definitely good motivation!

  3. says

    You may lose the battle but it’s winning the war that’s most important. We all slip up! And if you don’t, I hate you. ha ha! It’s recognizing our slip ups sooner than later and getting back on that horse…and hopefully riding off with someone super cute into the sunset. :)

    • Tanya says

      So true, Tonya! It is winning the war that matters. And trust me – I slip up the time! :) And yes, I definitely wouldn’t mind riding off with somebody super cute who appreciates that I am a crazy cat lady into the sunset. LOL!

  4. says

    Hey Tanya,

    We all go there girl, we all hit that wall and have our moments. Sounds to me though that you’re on a mission so don’t let a thing of Pringles stop you.

    You have the right attitude so you’ll get there and it will be at your own pace. But this will just prove to yourself that you can do this, you can still splurge from time to time and keep the weight down. I’ve been there and accomplished that so I know it can be done.

    Good luck girl, I’m rooting for you.


    • Tanya says

      Thanks, Adrienne! We all do hit our wall sometimes and what matters is our ability to bounce back. Before I might have used it as a reason to quit, but now it’s just a hiccup in my quest to get healthy. And you’re right – it just proves that I can do this. Hearing that you’ve done it too, definitely helps me moving forward. I don’t want to “give-up” food that I love but just not go overboard too. Everything in moderations! Thanks for your support, Adrienne. It means a lot to me!

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