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By day, Tanya helps her clients create meaningful connections with their target audience through her modern and elegant website designs. Utilizing her passion for the written word, she crafts entertaining and informative articles on finance, food and health and beauty as a freelance writer. By night, she is a blogger, consumer of too much TV and an overindulgent Cat Mama to Max. To be fair, she spoils Max 24/7.


  1. Hi Tanya,

    This dish looks deliscious. I’ve never tried kinoa either. I imagined it tasted like you said…sawdust or something like that. But since you like it and I think we have familiar taste in food I might have to try this.

    Thanks for sharing the recipe! Hope it’s been a great week! Have a great weekend hun!

    • Yeah, I hate “good” food that tastes like sawdust, bleach! Plain quinoa is pretty bland, sort like any rice or pasta, I guess. It’s what you flavor it with that makes it yummy, but unlike pasta and rice, quinoa has a much higher nutritional value.

    • I’ve been so-so on quinoa too, because it can be so bland and occasionally bitter. I find it’s a lot like couscous for me. Boring on its own, but if paired with some that have a yummy juice/sauce, then I really enjoy it. These is nice because the lemon gives it some bite, so it stands okay on it’s own. And it was really good with the citrus cod but I made extra that I ate alone and it was still delicious.

    • It really is healthy and tasty, which I love because it seems like I always love the really tasty and not-so-good recipes. 🙂 I need to incorporate more healthy dishes into my diet, which I have been doing a better job at this year but I also have had a big craving for some pasta too! Moderation and baby steps, right? 🙂

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