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By day, Tanya helps her clients create meaningful connections with their target audience through her modern and elegant website designs. Utilizing her passion for the written word, she crafts entertaining and informative articles on finance, food and health and beauty as a freelance writer. By night, she is a blogger, consumer of too much TV and an overindulgent Cat Mama to Max. To be fair, she spoils Max 24/7.


  1. Hi Tanya,

    Girlfriend, everytime I come to your blog I get hungry and that’s a good thing :).

    I’ve never tried quinoa…what does it taste like? I imagine it tastes like steamed rice without seasoning, which is why I ask.

    This salad looks amazing. If I were to try quinoa, it would definitely be this salad.

    Thanks for sharing the recipe! Happy Friday-eve!


    • Quinoa is like rice in that it’s fairly bland on it’s own. A bowlful of quinoa and nothing else would be boring. bit good for you! LOL! Like rice, it’s really good at soaking up any dressing or gravy so here it’s picks up the lemon from the dressing and all the veggies and chicken are flavorful front the marinade and grilling. Give it try – I think you’ll like it!

  2. This looks SO yummy! I think we’re going to put this on the grocery list for July. SO, when is your bday? I’m sure we’ve talked about this but I make the mistake of never writing this type of stuff down, and bye-bye it goes. I turn 48 on the 6th of July, and am thinking regularly about the approaching big 5-0. Oh well, at least we’re eating healthy recipes like this one, right? Although, I have to say, that chocolate zucchini cake sounds yummalicious! 🙂

    • You’re a cancer like me! No wonder we get along so well. 🙂 Definitely give this a try. I think you’ll really like it and I bet your garden will soon be overflowing many of the needed veggies too. I’m jealous! My birthday is July 20, which is coming too fast. I’m not ready and somewhat in denial still! And don’t worry – if that chocolate zucchini cake lives up to its reputation, I will put it on the blog!

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